We strive to tell and share sincere, honest, narrative-driven stories about our world.

Our goal is to be an evolving media collective about reflecting on our contemporary world, where we move people at the least, and make people want to change or take action at the most. 

It's for people who seek to have a conversation about global things like poverty, surveillance, climate change, food security, corruption, mainstream media (the large global things, but always through human stories). New Notions is here to help people do that, to encourage them to do that, and to supply our audience with brilliant films.

We don't advocate. We facilitate conversation. 

It's all about special experiences with great cinema at the centre. 

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For example, we screened ‘Evaporating Borders’ (2014), a film about the migrant crisis in Greece. We invited Justin from NICRAS, the only refugee led organisation in NI, who afterwards told his story as once a refugee coming from Ivory Coast, and the work he now carries out to support refugees in Belfast. 


Or 'Citizenfour' the documentary about when the journalists first met the whistleblower Edward Snowden who carried documents about global surveillance operations by states and businesses. We had Una Murphy, a local journalist to write an article about a British Context of surveillance. She spoke after the film.