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Through a unique blend of archive footage, live storytelling and documentary film we brought the experience of working in Belfast's shipyard to life.



Archive Trailer

A selection of the archive material used in the film.




Show Format

A journey through working life in Belfast's shipyards. New interviews with ex-shipyard workers are complimented by rich archive film from 1940s onwards.

The whole story is told over four short films. In between each film, we have live performances and stories told on-stage by ex-shipyard workers. Some of them appeared in the film. They are a lively and resonate bridge between the films. The film subjects are;

1. An introduction to the yard and characters
2. A social history with John Gray
3. Personal stories and memories with shipyard workers
4. The yard's decline



  1. Boat Builders premiere event took place on Friday October 27 at 19.30 in Ormeau Baths, Belfast. The event was sold out.
  2. Boat Builders played in Queen's Film Theatre on Sunday April 5 as part of Belfast Film Festival 2018.

Audience Response

  • Thank you and your team for a truly memorable night - Jennifer
  • What made the biggest impression on me was the exchange on film between Roy Watton and his father which was magical in that you could see both in their facial expressions and in their eyes their absolute pride in their time in the Yard. That pride was shared by the audience and probably like most others who were there we left the Ormeau Baths on a real high. - Rodney
  • That was a fantastic night nice to meet up with old friends really well done great work by all your team. - Alan

The Participants

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Show Credits

The Participants

Laurena Crawford
Mark Doherty
Rosemary Graham
John Gray
Francis Higgins
Campbell Kell
Cyril Macartney
Jillian McCartney
Gillian McNabb
James Stone
George Watton
Roy Watton


For New Notions

Aaron Guthrie - Creative Producer

Sarah Duke - Production (Film)
Paul Moran - Production (Event)

Conor Neil - Film Editor
Adam Clayton - Sound
Ryan Coney - Camera
Ryan West - Camera
Mark Nugent - Camera

For Northern Ireland Screen

Francis Jones
Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell

For Film Hub NI

Hugh Odling-Smee
Sara Gunn-Smith


Stuart Ogg - Consult AV

BOAT BUILDERS is a New Notions Original production, developed as part of the British FiIm Institute's Coast and Sea project.
Funded in part by Northern Ireland Screen and Film Hub NI awarding funds from the National Lottery. Boat Builders incorporates footage from the Northern Ireland Screen Digital Film Archive, digitised as part of Unlocking Film Heritage.



Britain on Film: Coast and Sea

Our production of Boat Builders is part of a larger programme of events under the umbrella: Britain on Film: Coast and Sea. 'Britain on Film' is a major initiative from the BFI National Archive, championing hidden histories and forgotten stories of people and places from the UK's key film and TV archives. 

New Notions is a partner of the Film Audience Network who were instrumental in curating nearly 200 archive film screenings and special events that took place around the UK. For this project it offers audiences ways to discover, explore and engage with the coast and sea relating to local stories in their own area.

Digital Film Archive, NI Screen

New Notions created a new partnership with Northern Ireland Screen to utilise and promote the wealth of material in the Digital Film Archive. Working with the Senior Curator, Francis Jones, we curated material to help bring alive the stories from the shipyard workers we interviewed. 

The DFA contains over 90 hours of moving images about life in pre-Partition Ireland and Northern Ireland from 1897 to 2014. There are items covering drama, animation, documentaries, news, newsreels, amateur and actuality film.