How you can help...

Dear fellow filmmakers, documentary lovers, and potential donors,

Throughout the pages of this site, you can see why we have embarked on this project; what our values and passions are and how much we think documentary film can be a vehicle to experience new realities to make the world a better place. 

We are working with a brilliant grant from BFI Film Audience Network through Film Hub NI, and topping it up with our own money. Companies and organisations like Northern Ireland Screen, Moving Docs and Cinema for All have given us such good support and resources they are de facto sponsors, too.

We’ve already been approached by people outside Northern Ireland who like our idea and might want to extend it. We’re delighted at this.

But our funding is tight. If you are a Hollywood studio, a filmmaker, a distributor, a broadcaster, or another foundation, and you like this project, we’d love to see if there’s any way you can help us. You could offer film license fees; provide free subtitling into English or other languages; give us editing time in your post-production suite or make a financial donation as a tax write-off. If you just wish to help us put together new experiences around documentary film you could volunteer with us. Or just write an email of support. Or recommend a great film that we’ve overlooked.

We welcome your suggestions, offers of help and messages of support: