About 'Brexitannia' the first documentary on Brexit


In the wake of the most momentous event in modern British history, Brexitannia presents a complex panorama of fifty Leavers and Remainers from across the UK. Renewing the art of the documentary interview, Timothy George Kelly’s meticulous black-and-white framing and sensitive portrayals of ordinary Britons gives an insightful and at times an uncomfortable portrait of Britain today. The film ends with a sobering analysis from theorists including Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen, and Nick Srnicek. 

Director Timothy George Kelly said: “We tried to follow actual statistical demographics of the country to attempt a truthful as possible portrait of the nation. It can be easily argued that documenting a national identity is impossible in its complexity and maybe I agree, but the one thing we were able to capture successfully was that feeling of the moment and all it’s shock, beauty, and humour. Over the six months that followed the referendum, I interviewed 106 people all over the UK. 50 ended up in the final cut. I consider the film more a study of humans than of politics.”

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