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We produce live events with documentary films, where conversation is ignited with the aim of trying to understand better, the changing political and social landscape in times of national and global uncertainty.

Our goal is to be an evolving media collective about reflecting on our contemporary world, where we move people at the least, and make people want to change or take action at the most. 

It's for people who seek to have a conversation about global things like poverty, surveillance, climate change, food security, corruption, mainstream media (the large global things, but always through human stories).

New Notions is here to help people do that, to encourage them to do that, and to supply our audience with brilliant films.

We don't advocate. We facilitate conversation.

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More than ever, it's important we understand what is happening in our world.

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You know that feeling when you've just watched a very powerful documentary about something like social injustice and you want to do something to help? 

So you trawl the internet, join Facebook groups, read articles, post to your friends, and think how can the world be this way—all before you head off to sleep. You find the next morning, that feeling has waned and you continue with your day as normal. 

We want to help you with that feeling at the right time. 

Having documentaries as the centre-piece, we think that conversation after the film is where the magic happens. The informal conversation is led by an individual or organisation that gives specific local knowledge or tools. You are offered the option to help in different ways.

But don't worry, there's no obligation to get involved—you're so welcome to come and just enjoy a good documentary film.

We don’t want to create noise. We want to create a voice.


Evaporating Borders

For example, we screened ‘Evaporating Borders’ (2014), a film about the migrant crisis in Greece. We invited Justin from NICRAS, the only refugee led organisation in NI, who afterwards told his story as once a refugee coming from Ivory Coast, and the work he now carries out to support refugees in Belfast.



Or 'Citizenfour' the documentary about when the journalists first met the whistleblower Edward Snowden who carried documents about global surveillance operations by states and businesses. We had Una Murphy, a local journalist to write an article about a British Context of surveillance. She spoke after the film. 


Our supporters

Our first amount of funding to get us off the ground was generously awarded by Film Hub NI. Led by Hugh and Sara they facilitate and nurture many new clubs, screenings and education on cinema in Northern Ireland. We're so grateful!

They are the lead organisation for our area, channeling funding from the British Film Institute. There are nine film hubs, together they make the BFI Audience Network.

We sometimes work with other funding partners on specific events or productions. For example, Northern Ireland Screen on our Boat Builders project.

"Really interesting, innovative concept for Northern Ireland. I attended one event and would highly recommend this format for public discussion around topics of interest to many."

- Dawn Baird

The story involves you.