We feature and create powerful real life stories

We specialise in hosting honest, character-driven documentary films from around the world. The mission of every newsletter we sendevent we organise, or article we publish is to bring us together to better understand the world we live in.

Whether that's a documentary evening talking about the upset caused by blind regeneration of our city; the lives of coffee plantation farmers on the breadline; or a fabulous drag queen that leads a campaign for equal marriage in Ireland, discussing these things together is most of the thrill.

The Collective

New Notions is being built by a hardworking collective based in Belfast, UK.

As an evolving media collective, our goal is to create new work and experiences to reflect on our contemporary world, where we move people at the least, and make people want to change or take action at the most. 

If you live in the area and are excited about what we are building, we may be opening our call to join the collective soon. Check back soon.

Additionally, we collaborate with a worldwide network of talented contributors on digital content. If you’re interested in collaborating, contact us

A Brief History

New Notions was founded in 2016 by Aaron Guthrie, with it's first funding from the British Film Institute's FAN partner Film Hub NI.

In late summer 2017, New Notions team grew to join the Collective. Around the same time, it began building a film production unit to first offer hyper-local factual content to it's audience.

It's first original film commission, Boat Builders was selected for the documentary competition at Belfast Film Festival in April 2018.


New Notions has collaborated with the following partners on single projects or for ongoing support;

Northern Ireland Screen
Film Hub NI
BFI Network/Film Audience Network
Moving Docs
Foyle Film Festival
Belfast Film Festival

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